A bit about myself!

I recently joined Ken Caldeira’s lab team as a postdoctoral scientist at the Carnegie Institute for Science. My research focus on wind energy related issues, specifically focusing on large wind farms over land, and their impact on wind flows at regional size.

My research interests

I am very interested in the analysis of available wind energy resources, and the effects that geographical and atmospheric variability play in their predictions. Other fields of my interest are the study of potential pollution alleviation features for urban areas or the development of techniques that allow cities layout optimization towards energy efficiency and controlled emissions.

Through a new project I am collaborating on I recently became also curious in multiphase flows, and how their computational modeling can help us to perform better experiments and to improve our knowledge of the physics involved in a wide range of problems.

My story

I am originally from Albacete, Spain, which is a small town in Castilla-La Mancha, Don Quijote land! I have lived several years in Valencia, where I studied aeronautic engineering at the “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia”. I have also lived in Italy and Canada, where I was an international student at the “Politecnico di Milano” and “École Polytechnique de Montréal”. After graduating from university, I enrolled and completed the Research Master in fluid dynamics at the von Karman Institute, where I worked on large eddy simulations of the offshore convective boundary layer. Afterwards, I started a PhD program at “Antwerpen Universiteit” in collaboration with von Karman Institute, where I worked on quantifying inflow uncertainties in CFD simulations of the atmospheric boundary layer. This research analyzed aleatory and epistemic uncertainties found in CFD predictions over urban environments.